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Owner and founder of Toni & Zouhair salon since 1979 specializing in  hair care services and quality hair products .

"Come in and just be your self, drop that shield down and get a style of your own. I personalize each hair-do to fit each individual's lifestyle and who they are. Working with your natural hair and your beauty is the best option, allowing you to maximize your results and minimize your efforts. That's the way of real beauty!"

Please check out our exclusive "Beox" hair care line of products under "quality products" you will be directed to our official beoxlosangeles .com page , enjoy!



Owner and founder of Toni & Zouhair salon since 1979.

"You can describe me as a universal hairstylist of today and the future. My concept is that beauty is in every person, you just need to bring it out! I have been in the hair industry for  many successful years with great performance and satisfaction to my clients of all ages. I look forward to introducing myself and to share my expertise with a cool chit-chat while being transformed to the real beautiful you!" 




Hi, I am Ferial, I have been working in our family salon business with my brothers Toni and Zouhair for more than 20 years now. My specialty  is women's hair coloring, cutting and waxing.  Recently I started our own line called

"Ferial Essence"  it is 100% natural handmade soaps and perfumes. Feel free to to browse our Quality products menu on top. Thank you!

Receptionist & Customer Relations Specialist



Our receptionist and customer relations specialist Kamile Akelyte will welcome you with the warmest greeting and follow up  all the way until you are beautified and statisfied!